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Home to Jesus Christ Micahel Super Human Ministry of Divinity Inc Since 2019
I AM St. Elvardiel Monjahronson Sehrahrah SHMD, a super human minister of divinity under the banner of Jesus Christ Micahel. I have been on a rich spiritual journey to discover the ways of God, which is far above the ways of men. I welcome you all to join me in this mission of establishing the Magisterial Peace Force.


A global community of light workers and spiritually enlightened beings.

Building a Better World

Our goals and aspirations transcends any mediocrity in society.

Pure motives

We teach that God is here now. If that was not so then God and Jesus would be liars – and that’s impossible!

Making an Impact Across the Globe

In Decemenber of 2018 I prayed a deeply heart felt prayer unto Jesus Christ, begging him to make a miracle in Norway. I saw a beacon of light across the globe and continued praying for all the nations. I cried out in prayer, beeing deeply in love with the spirit and personality of Jesus Christ. Having come from atheistic beliefs I was suffering by the thought of how difficult it was for me to accept the truth. As I prayed for Jesus’ miracle I suddenly saw a shining light in my minds eye. I flew closer to investigate, and there he was, shining like the sun inside the darkness. I could see people walk up to him, not knowing if it was real. I could see people shake their heads and keep moving into the dark nothingness, only illuminated by the light of the screen on their phone. Others gathered around, and in my heart I knew that I was home. This figurine of light shined to bright it illuminated the cieling to all the four corners, which were out of sight, but yet vissible because of this person. This is when I cried out yet again in prayer, asking that I may help. Please let me help, if there is anything I can do, let me help Lord. 7 days later I came to know Jesus Christ Micahel Super Human Ministry of Divinity, through the Chief of Apostles St. Elijah James Bond SHMD.

Spiritual Leader 1 Year In a Row 

After learning my place in this mission, God did not rest with giving me opportunities to minister.

Signature Process

My work shall forever uplift others as it uplifts me.

The Right Choice

If you are interested in learning more you can trust me with your personal information. I will only contact you when I have great news or opportunities awaiting.

Get to know St. Elvardiel Monjahronson Sehrahrah SHMD

While I prepare the work to further reveal our missions grand details, you can familiarize yourself by browsing a catelouge of my live shows.

A Leader In Ministry

There are many ways to choose our organisation to further your evolution on Earth, as well as in the Kingdom of Heaven.

  • We find truth in all religions, wether you’re a muslim or a jew, buddhist or hindu. We say; be real and true.
  • Self-sustainability is a vital corner stone of our ideology.
  • St. Elvardiel is ordained by Jesus Christ Micahel Super Human Ministry of Divinity Inc.
  • Based on the divine revelation of The Urantia Book.

Super Human Ministers of Divinity

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Jesus Christ Micahel

Jesus Christ Micahel

The Master

St. Elijahel SHMD

St. Elijahel SHMD

Chief of Apostles

St. Elvardiel Monjahronson Sehrahrah SHMD

St. Elvardiel Monjahronson Sehrahrah SHMD

Magisterial Peace Force

1000s of People Reached

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“Christ Michael is a pure spirit of God.We have to bring this freedom of salvation to Africa, starting from Liberia. I am doing all the best to do my video to testify The messiah Jesus Christ Michael who have come to save us in righteousness. “
Brocks Pokai


If you are to give a donation to support the Magisterial Peace Force then we shall greatly reward you, as we reach back and uplift humanity with your genereous donation.

Reach Us

We are currently organising and looking for a office complex to suit our needs. You can reach St. Elvardiel Monjahronson Sehrahrah in Norway.
Tønsberg, Norway
+47 48 442 420

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