WorldWide Community of the New Message from God


God has spoken again.

God has spoken again because the world is facing its greatest travails, its most difficult challenges.

The human family has created an environmental calamity that has the power to undermine its civilization—a calamity of many factors; a calamity that will alter your environment, that will deplete your soils, that will dry up your rivers; a calamity that will bring an end to your growth and expansion; a calamity that has been the product of decades and centuries of misuse of the world, with no thought of tomorrow, as if the world were an endless bounty that could be exploited without limit.

And the religions of the world, which were all initiated by God, are in contention with each other—sometimes violently, often vehemently—in contention with each other, vying for precedence and recognition, claiming in many cases to be the greatest or even the only true manifestation of God’s Revelation, the one true path which must be followed.

God has spoken again because humanity has plundered the world and is now facing a predicament that could lead to great deprivation and conflict.

God has spoken again because religion has failed to find its unity, except amongst a very few individuals and organizations.

It has failed to bridge the tribal identities of people that had to be overcome sufficiently for a world community to be established—to transcend one’s immediate group, one’s regional identity, one’s unique customs and culture, to become part of a world community.

This is evolution for humanity, an evolution that leads to great diversity of cultural expression, but enables people to live and to communicate and to share their creations with one another.

God has spoken again even though there are many who say that this is not possible, that the last prophet [had] the great and final message to the world. But what person can say this? Even God’s Messengers cannot make such claims.

For God communicates when God wills and is not bound by human ideas or beliefs. What arrogance to think that the Creator of all the universes is going to be impeded by human presumption and human admonition.

That is why again God has spoken, for there is great correction that must come to your understanding of the Divine Presence and Power in your life and in the world and beyond the world within a Greater Community of life in the universe.

Humanity stands at the threshold of space, the threshold of encountering a Greater Community of life—a Greater Community that is far more complex, demanding and challenging than anything the human family has ever encountered.

It is as if humanity were an adolescent entering an adult world, full of presumption and self-importance, of course, but unaware and dangerously naïve of the realities and difficulties of that adult world.

The religions of the world, which were given to build human civilization, were not designed to prepare humanity for the Greater Community. That was not their purpose or function, you see.

But now the evolutionary progress and process have brought humanity to this great threshold. Living in a world of declining resources and growing population, it must now face the reality, the difficulty and the great opportunity of facing a Greater Community of life.

For beyond your fears, beyond your anxieties, beyond your avoidance and denial, you will be able to see that the Great Waves of change that are coming to the world and humanity’s encounter with a universe of intelligent life are the two greatest things, the two greatest motivations that will lead humanity to finally cooperate and to establish a functioning and equitable world order, a world stability that has never been found before.

This stability cannot be under oppressive rule, or it will not succeed. It is now being generated out of necessity. For nations competing and fighting against one another will only deplete the world even further and faster. And with a changing climate and a changing environment, nations will have to cooperate if they are to survive and to provide for their peoples.

It is life at such a simple, elemental level, lost to the modern mind that thinks of its desires and its fears, its fantasies and its creations with such obsessive indulgence that it cannot see the realities of life itself.

Despoil your environment and it will undermine you. It will work against you. Fight with each other, and war will become perpetual. The [old] grievances will be renewed, and new grievances [will be] established.

The world needs a New Revelation. For Christianity cannot save the world. Islam cannot save the world. Buddhism and Hinduism cannot save the world. And Judaism was never designed to save the world.

Now that there is a world community of great interdependence and great fragility and great vulnerability, both to internal collapse and to external competition and intervention, it is time for humanity to grow up. It is time for a change of heart, for people of all nations—a reckoning of the reality of the situation, a comprehension of the Great Waves of change and their power to affect and undermine a stable world.

It is time for God to speak again. God knows this, of course, though few people recognize it.

The Greater Community

Our world is emerging into a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe.

Humanity is emerging into a Greater Community of worlds. Contact has begun and our isolation in the universe is over. This is the greatest event in human history, and yet we are unaware and unprepared.

Humanity has reached a critical threshold in its evolution, a time of convergence when enormous political, social and environmental forces are colliding with the world-changing reality of alien contact.

Did you know?

The Greater Community presents a revolutionary set of teachings to prepare people everywhere for the great change underway now, and to provide the clear and uncorrupted truth about the reality of contact that is occurring in the world today.

The Greater Community reveals:

  • Who is visiting our world, why they are here and what they want
  • The alien agenda at work in the world and how it is affecting people everywhere
  • Who the true allies of humanity are and how they are different from those forces intervening in our world
  • The relationship between our core spirituality and contact with other forms of intelligent life
  • How to prepare for the reality of contact using the innate power of Knowledge that lives within us.

Contact with intelligent life in the universe is a world event like no other. It is the next great step in the development and evolution of the human family. It is unstoppable. It is inevitable. It is happening now. And there are people around the world who know this is true—that extraterrestrial life is a reality and that we are not alone in the universe, or even within our own world.

This book is here to give you a complete picture and larger perspective on the state of our world, the reality of contact and the greater meaning of your life at this critical turning point in history.

The revelations presented here have been compiled into this book by the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers. Further revelation and prophecy concerning the Greater Community is presented in the book Life in the Universe and in many other texts throughout the New Message.

The Greater Community is the fourth book of Volume 1 of The New Message from God, and is a free ebook/PDF on the New Message website when you register your email.